Thursday, March 31, 2011

I DID IT!!! I bought a bike..I picked it up today...It's only 43 degrees here, so it was a cold ride

I'm a little disappointed that it seems more like a scooter than an actual motorcycle...BUT, it is small enough for me to handle safely and that is the most important thing..
It's really made for short, leisurely rides..and that's good enough for me..

I rode the bike home and then had to head out to work for a bit..then I came home, got the bike and took a ride to Walmart to have a few keys made..
I have no problem getting the bike in and out of the garage, making turns..It seems a little strange because everything is so much smaller than I am used I'm sure I'll get used to it:)

It's going to be another working week-end for me..but one of my new workers is going to give me a hand, so it won't be as physically overwhelming..
We're still waiting for word on getting a new batch of banks..Oh, they're getting estimates for specialty care..floor buffing, carpet spot removal and such, but not the janitorial...ugh..I won't get rid of the restaurants until we have enough banks to warrant getting another account manager..
Waiting for that to happen is getting harder by the moment..There are days that I just want to chuck this that's not happening any time

My daughter will be doing a walk for Autism in May..It's only a 3 or 4 mile walk..that's not too bad..We found out about it when we went to pick Paris up from school..Paris being Autistic is just an added reason to help a very worthy cause..
My niece is going to do the walk should be a fun experience..I'm so looking forward to it..

Well, time to hit the road again..I have one more job to resupply...and then it will be an early night..

Have a great Friday and Week-end!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I was so happy to see Monday many people feel that way because it means heading back to work and the grind of the week..
For me it means getting back to 'my' I had to work at one of the restaurants this week-end..I had trained a gentleman for cleaning it only on the week-ends..It appeared that he wanted the job. I didn't have an extra key to give him so we were supposed to meet Saturday morning at 3:00am..I would then give him the key and the alarm code..Also, he was supposed to be at the office on Thursday to finish his paperwork..He never showed up and never called..
I held out hope that he would still show up...NO...oh well, we do have a few other applicants to work with..It just means that I will have to train again next week-end...

I have been doing this early morning shift for almost a month now..and it plays havoc with my schedule..
I haven't been able to get my younger grandkids...

Even with the strange hours, I was able to accomplish a few things this week-end..
We had water in the basement from last weeks big rain..I didn't have the energy to deal with it then, but I did check it out didn't go all the way into my storage locker..and most of my things are in plastic bins..only my small tree was in a cardboard box on the floor..I took it out of the box and put it in a Christmas tree plastic bag..So, all is well...

I finally got to my ironing...that was had about ten pieces to girlfriend can't believe that I iron some things...

I haven't heard anything from the new guy since late Saturday night..and that was still only e-mail jokes back and forth..
That's fine with me..I never did see anything permanent there anyway..and I had decided that if he was interested he would have to make the first move..

I went out with my friends for a while late Saturday afternoon..
Sunday my friends Joe and lisa and I went for a brunch..We had been there once before..It's a nice place..leans more towards being fancy than casual..
It's only 2.50 for coffee..which I find odd...
The food is very good..and the view is's right on a lake..I can't wait until it should be beautiful....

Now for this week, things should calm down..I will have more training on the week-end, and then next week I'll have to train at a bank..but for now, I'm back to my regular schedule and I'm loving it...
I was so down Saturday and Sunday that I even gave thought to quitting this wears on you..the hours and some of the people...
Some people just refuse to take direction. Even when it is proposed to them in a pleasant way..
I would never have thought to talk to my manager the way some of them do...Oh well, I feel better today:)

Hope everyone has a great week:)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I originally started this post with the same old news about work..then decided that I am sick of going over and over it again..So, I'm not going to do

I had an "almost date" the other
A few months ago I met a guy while at the bar with a couple of girlfriends..He owns an auto shop..I asked him if he ever gets motorcycles in..he said he does and I should give him a call so he would have my phone number...I did...but I never heard from him..

Well, the other day was soooo beautiful I decided to look his number up again and call him..his e-mail address was there also and I decided to go that route..
He replied a short time later.. He started off with good morning sunshine..he doesn't have any in now but will start looking for one..
I replied with a thank you..
Then he sent me a St. Patricks Day joke..
I decided to be very bold and I said if he was out and about around 5:30 my girlfriend and I would be at the place that we originally met..he replied back "will do"..
He showed up right at 5:30..We had a nice time..

I don't think we will ever be more than just friends..He's only 49 and I don't think he's looking for a relationship..
My fist impression of him was that he is a typical gift of gab and he can tell some stories for sure...
But, he's fun and he's really he has a motorcycle. I could see us being friends that hang out together..

He walked me to my car and then asked if I wanted to go to another bar with him..I said I had to be up at 3:00 for work so I really needed to get home and get some sleep.
He asked about going another night..I said that would work...

Then he kissed me...(just a little beyond friends)
I did send him a short e-mail when I got home telling him that I had a nice time.
He replied that he did also and we should get together again..

So, I am leaving the ball in his court.. if he wants to hang out, he can call me..or if he finds a bike he can call me..We'll see how it turns out..

I do have to say that it was nice having the attention.
He is the first guy I have kissed since my divorce almost three years ago..

Today my girlfriend made a comment that I certainly must not want to get married again..I was a little taken aback by that..
I've spent three years on my own making sure I'm healed properly before even FEELING like I might want to date someone..
I told her that I don't necessarily want to get married again, but I'm only 55 and I want to have a nice guy to hang out with..I don't want to spend all of my time alone or being the fifth wheel on outings..
She said that if her husband died she would never get married again..I told her she can't say that until she is in that position..

Anyway, it was fun..and I can certainly use some of that in my

I'm going to go watch tv in bed and go to sleep early....
lol..Saturday night and I'm going to bed at 7:30...

Monday, March 14, 2011

I finally did it..I bought a tv..It's only a 32 inch..but with my living room being as small as it is, it works for fact, I am loving it....
When my son saw it, I could see how much he liked it, so the next day, I went and bought him on too..Needless to say, he is a happy camper:)
I also bought a small desk..I needed a "place" to put my bills..I needed to get organized..I'm very happy with it..Now I just have to find the time to get all of my paperwork in

I used some of my tax returns for my new purchases..I'm saving some and using some for a short trip this summer when my granddaughter graduates..Can't wait..we had talked about going to New York..but it looks like we may end up going to California or Florida..

Work has been extremely busy..I fired one guy..found a replacement for then I had to train him..Not sure how he's going to work out.. He's pretty slow and going way over time..I'll keep my fingers

Friday at 3:30 in the afternoon, one of my problem workers called to say he needed the night off..I asked him why..he said that he had been moving all day and was tired..(he had six people).
I told him that it was too short of notice and I had to train someone..and couldn't cover for him..He was pissed and said he was giving up the job cleaning the bar..without any notice..OKAY.
I told him to call the office and let the office manager know his intentions....He did..
I have been covering for him ever since.

The reason he wants to give it up is because he thinks that with the nicer weather, he only wants to do specialty work.. what he doesn't know is that my boss is taking him off of that because he can't or wont do the final cleans the way they should be done...
I talked to my boss about it today and he is going to see if Gary wants to keep the bar cleaning job or have nothing...

I don't like dealing with this employee..he doesn't take direction well...and is just a royal pain in the butt...
On the other hand, I am really tired of getting up at 2:00am to do the job myself...sooooo, if he wants to keep it, I'll go along with it...

Camerons birthday party was a lot of fun..I have never played laser tag was a blast.
Cameron loved his presents and was such a good boy...His sister on the other can have this snooty little attitude..which I have talked to her about..and I talked to her about it again that day...You can't treat people rudely and then expect them to have open arms when YOU want least it doesn't work that way with me...

I went for my follow up mammogram today...Good news, I don't have to go back for 1 year..
That is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders..
For now that cloud has been lifted and I'm going to enjoy not having it stuck in the back of my mind......

Time for me to get moving on getting my paperwork organized:)

Have a great week...we're supposed to hit 60 this week...YaaHoo.....

Friday, March 11, 2011

This is the gentleman from channel 12 that came to interview my nephew Jason..He sure was a cutie:)
The deer in my sister-in-laws yard. Lake view..
This is the house we lived in on the same lake that my sil now lives on. My daughter was five years old..This was the first time she has been back to Eagle River since she was 6..

Last Friday my daughter and I went to Eagle River..It's about 250 miles from my house..
About 45 miles from our destination my brakes started making a horrendous I babied it to her house and left it sit for the week-end..
We had a wonderful time..I haven't laughed so hard in a long time..

Originally, I was a little afraid to make the trip as it involves going right past the house my ex and I put up there...I did not want to do that...I made a last minute change in the route and bypassed it completely without going out of my way..

Anyway, we had so much fun.
My nephew was there for the week-end to play at a bar..and the second night he played at a benefit for homeless vets..
He works with an organization that helps them get into housing. He also helps with a food pantry.
I'm so proud of him.
He spent 11 months in Iraq..and now deals with post traumatic stress syndrome.
On Saturday, he was interviewed by channel 12 news about his Homeless Vets Initiative.
I haven't seen it yet..we thought that they were going to fix the error they made about his time in Iraq..they said 10 years..he was in the national guard for ten years and Iraq 11 months.
anyway, it was very interesting...

I had already written a post about all that we did, but it is now lost in cyber space and I am so tired right now that I don't have the energy to re-write it all...

The day after I go home from the trip, I had to go clean one of our restaurants because my cleaner was a no call no show....
Needless to say, he was fired..and now I am cleaning it..getting up at 2 am and getting home about 6 am...Today I stayed up because my breaks were making noise AGAIN...I had to take it in..they said that a piece of hardware had come loose...great...
Now I'm back in business..they fixed it..

I then went to the store with my daughter to find a birthday gift for my sweet Cameron. He turned 8 on March 6th and tomorrow is his party...
I didn't get his gift, but I did get a 32 inch tv for my living is now up and running and I am LOVING it...
So, now I will go to sleep for a bit and then head out to work for a few hours...

Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The flowers I bought myself for Valentines Day...I just threw them out this week-end..Not too bad for $5.00..
Cameron and JJ (aka Patrick)..
As you can see, this picture was taken in 2005....I love to see what great people they are becoming. But I do have to admit that I miss them being little..
Cameron will be 8 years old on March 6th..I can't believe how the time has flown by..
JJ is now 5 or 6 inches taller than

I had a folder on my computer that held old files...The file was made when I had a virus on and had to take it in to have it cleaned..they put the file together..I just this week-end spent some time going thru everything in it..
Of course, it held all of my pictures..My heart filled with such love looking at all of my LITTLE they aren't so little anymore...

On Friday, my daughter, granddaughter and I went to Marquette University to buy some school clothes for Monique..and of course, we had to buy a t-shirt or two for each of us to support her school..
Well, we found t-shirts that say..Marquette Grandparent and Marquette Mom..Too cute...
Monique is sooooo excited to enter her new chapter of life..and I am so proud of her:)

I didn't do much this week-end..met my girlfriend and her husband for a drink late afternoon Saturday..came home and went to bed early..I was up at 2:30 am..drove 30 miles to clean one of the restaurants..
Today I've read the newspaper..I've been on the computer most of the it doesn't matter, I have the house cleaned and my paperwork for my job done..although, I do kind of feel like it was a wasted day..
Maybe I just feel guilty because I feel like I should have gone to the may not have done that, but I have made a great effort to watch what I've been eating..I haven't bought any candy in a week or so..I have been munching on apples, bananas and lots of pears..I bought salad fixings today..and I eat lots of oatmeal...
I don't weigh myself..Right now, I don't even have a know how I'm doing by how my clothes feel...I will be satisfied once my work clothes feel good..It shouldn't take too long if I continue to be aware of what I am eating..and NO boredom it's a fruit..

Well, that's it for now..It's almost 9:00pm and I'm going to go to bed to watch a little tv and get to sleep early...

Have a great week:)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I tried to go back to sleep this morning..I still felt tired...but it didn't happen..So, I guess it's time to start my day..

Yesterday, my daughter and I went for lunch at Applebees..We had the soup and salad was very good..Spinach salad with grilled shrimp..
We did cheat though..we had a dessert..most restaurants are now offering tiny desserts.
Very tiny..just the right amount of sweets to satisfy the desire without making a person feel extremely

Today we are supposed to head to the can be difficult to coordinate our schedules, but we should be able to do it today..We usually use the treadmill and then work with the weights for a bit..
She told me that she is going to take her ipod along and won't be able to talk as we work out because she isn't getting enough of a workout when we gab..okay...

My worst habit is eating out of boredom..terrible..I keep trying to change the bad eating habits but it sure isn't easy..
I really only need to lose about 1o or 15 pounds..and then firm up what is left..
It's strange how the body changes as you get older..
I've only noticed this over the last year or two..and believe me, I'm not liking it..all the more reason to get serious about the gym..

I've also noticed something else strange..In pictures, my smile looks weird..I can't even explain it, but my mouth doesn't look I really don't like having my picture

I checked my bank balance this morning and was surprised to see more money in there than I thought I had..I don't have anything outstanding...hum...although, I have been doing better with not doing mindless shopping..that was costing me a ton of money..
Now, I only go to the store when I need something and I only get just what I need..
It is working well for me..Amen..

Well, it's almost 8 and I'm going to get this day started...
Have a good one!