Friday, August 26, 2011

Patrick and Monica..We were at our State Fair...she did not want to have her picture taken..I told her that in this family, this is what we

Monique is now a Marquette College Student!!

We moved her in on Wednesday..She was so excited..and her Mom was soooo
Sad to see her first born baby leave the nest..sad to know she will not see her on a daily basis..But very excited to see her daughter turn into a mature young woman..She knows that Monique will do what is right for her life and future and she is so very proud of her.

Paris stayed home from school to help with the move..When we were leaving the dorms, we were waiting for the elevator and talking trying to lighten the mood by joking about leaving Monique behind..He started to cry and then got embarrassed for crying.
We hugged him and told him it would be okay..It was sweet to see that even at 14 he could have such emotion his sister leaving home..(and being only 6 miles away) lol..

He did say that he can't wait until he goes to he can move the dorm furniture around and there's free he only realized how much that coffee really costs...
My daughter is going to start checking into what help Paris can get if he pursues college..Having Autism/Aspergers Syndrome may make going to college somewhat hard. He is a 4.0 student but will he get the extra help he needs?? Hopefully she will be able to get a handle on that..

My grandson Patrick (aka- JJ)..has a girlfriend..the first one that he has brought think she's special..Her name is Monica..she's fairly quiet but she sure likes my
Because his legal name is Jeremiah and we usually call him JJ..I asked her what she calls him...with a cute little smile she said..Paddy..oh, young love.

On the work front things have greatly has been absolute heaven to be able to sleep all night:)
It has allowed me to spend time making sure that all of my buildings are in tip-top shape (well, I'm working on that)..
This week has been bad for people taking off or just not showing boss and I have both had to cover quite a few buildings..The good news is that even with doing that, I am still usually home by 10pm or so and then I get to sleep ALL night:)

Speaking of sleep, I should get off the computer and get some...
Wishing all of you a wonderful week-end:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wisconsin Dells Trip!!

Cameron and Destiny in the pool...
Playing on the porch of our cabin...
Me and Destiny...

We had a nice time on the trip to the Dells...It rained on and off on Saturday..happens every time I go away for a

We did get some swimming was a bit cooler and once in a while we had a mild rain..but as I told the kids, there wasn't any thunder or lightening so we were good to go..
We spent some time in town looking for souvenirs for the kids..Cameron picked a rubber ball that had his name on it and lights in it..Destiny picked a pretty necklace with her name on it..

We spent some time in the arcade located on the campgrounds..We ALL had a blast...We ended up with 569 we were able to gets lots of with them when we were done..

I do have to say that I would think twice about taking both of the kids anywhere at the same time...they just bicker and fight and tattle on each other WAY too much...I don't want to spend all of my time correcting them or handing out punishments..
It was far easier when I just had Destiny with me on the last trip...Not one issue with her..
I have a picture of both of the kids on this trip when they had gotten out of hand with the attitudes and then they couldn't golf with the rest of us...

We did get to ride the go-carts..that was fun..and cheap..3 dollars for each of the adults and the kids were free...they loved that..although Cameron got a little scared when our car hit the wall a

Saturday night we went out to dinner at one of the nicer restaurants..the food was great and the prices weren't too bad..The kids certainly need the experience of going somewhere other than

We also went out for breakfast Sunday morning..both times out, I had the little ones order their own food..they did a good job..

It was a nice trip..but even Paris was done with listening to them
I needed a vacation from my three day vacation....

On the job front...things are much better..The new girl came back on a limited basis..she is on light duty..probably three weeks left to go on that..
She can do every thing except cover a job if someone doesn't show up..and that hasn't happened so I have been able to sleep the night through since Tuesday night..I am loving it...I feel so much better:)
I'm getting so much more home and on the job..

Today will be a busy one...Monique moves her stuff into her dorm...she doesn't officially move in until Wednesday...but has early move in for her belongings...
Her roommate will be coming from Chicago with her stuff...hopefully they will get along far they have spent time getting to know each other via facebook...

My daughter is have a REALLY hard time having her firstborn leave will on be 6 or 9 miles away...Ha-ha...but they did so much, going out to eat...etc...stuff that the boys don't want to do..I told her she will save a ton of money...

Watch out Marquette University, here comes Monique..

Hope everyone has a great day...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well, I'm feeling a little more up beat took long enough to get here..

I suppose it helps that I'll be on vacation in two days helps..I'm so looking forward to that..
I still haven't heard from my one I guess Mason really isn't going to be able to go with us..that makes me feel bad for him..but it's not something I can change..

On a bright note, Cameron is going to be able to come with us..Yaahoo...He will be so excited..I am

The weather has cooled down..thank goodness..but now they are talking rain..scattered..but rain..
keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't hamper any of our plans..

The new girl goes to the doctor tomorrow...yippy... hopefully she will be able to come back to work..even on a limited basis...that in itself will be a blessing for sure...

I love my coffee from Speedway...the best around...I usually don't have to pay for it..They have a rewards program..if you use your card when you buy something in the store or get gas, you get points...I have so many points that I probably won't ever have to pay for my coffee...I don't usually get coffee in the evening, but for some reason, on my way home, I just felt like it would be relaxing to have a cup...

Guess that's it for news...I'll keep you posted on the work situation:)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've started an entry a few times only to lack the motivation and energy to finish it..

I'm at such a low place where work is concerned...I hate that it consumes so much of my time..even
when I'm not working, it is at the for front of my thoughts..I'm constantly trying to figure out what I should do next..
I'm scared to stay and scared to move on to something else..would I even be able to find something else??

In order to move on to another job, I first have to get a car...On the bright side, I did go to a dealership and was approved for a brand new car..the monthly payments would be higher than I can afford..
I would however at least be able to purchase a good used vehicle..that has taken some of the stress off of my shoulders..

The new supervisor that we hired to handle the seven late night buildings that we have has been out of work for over a week..She ended up in the hospital where they did tests for a week..then she had her gall bladder and appendix removed last Friday..I talked to her on Monday..she was home and feeling very sore...
I didn't have the heart to ask when she thought she might be able to return..I didn't want it to appear like I only cared about that..although it is a great concern to me..

In the meantime I have been handling all of my accounts and the restaurants too..and it is way too much for me..I have been working part time days..part time evenings and part time late night...
I'm still training at the restaurant, and then night before last, my most reliable employee didn't make it to work..he said he had fainted and woke up on his floor..It was 3:30 in the morning and I wasn't going to make him come in..then last night he decided that he needed one more night off..
So between 1:00am and 6:15am I was at 2 buildings supervising the work, (and helping at one), cleaning one restaurant by myself, dropping off keys at another...
No wonder I was crying yesterday when I left the boss asked if I was feeling overwhelmed?? WHAT does he think??

I have given up this whole summer of spending time with my little grandkids and I'm not doing it anymore..I don't want to be working all hours of the day and night..I want to put my hours in and come home and have time to do what I want to do....

So, the search begins...I'm doing it via the web of course..I put an application in at one of the areas larger hospitals for housekeeping..and I'll continue to search until the right one comes along..

On a bright note..I did take three vacation days for the week-end of the 12th..I shouldn't have to use my vacation days for week-ends, but I don't want to take the chance that something will come up with the restaurants and then it will be my responsibility to fix it..
My daughter and I rented a camp site in the Dells...Originally we were going to take Paris, and the three little ones...I got the okay from both of my one of them has not answered either my text or facebook message...I heard from her MIL that her son doesn't really feel comfortable with Mason being so far away from them...ARE you KIDDING me..he has spent almost the entire summer at his other grandmas house..and the three of them decided that Mason could play outside while his grandma works inside...and she checks on him every 15 min..
He is only 7..Certainly not old enough to play outside without supervision...
Oh damn..I got off

Then we thought at least Destiny and Cameron would be able to it turns out, Cameron was supposed to go up north and stay with my ex..Okay fine...I guess Destiny will be the one to go with us...
Now I see on facebook that both Destiny and Cameron are up, I guess they plan on having them back before next Friday..which means both of them will be able to go with me to the Dells...I'm really happy about that:)
The sad thing is that Mason will not be there...I don't ever want him to wonder why he didn't get to go with us..Because let me tell you...the other kids will be sure to tell him about their's too bad..he's going to miss out on a great time..

So, that's my life in a nutshell.....same old, same old.....I'm going to work on changing that...

Keep your fingers crossed that I find the right job and that everything falls into place:)

Sorry for turning this into a book...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Destiny with Linda's dog Sage..they fell in picture was not set up..Sage just wanted to be close to Destiny:) So cute..
Paris was afraid of stepping on a of them were HUGH..
Destiny and I made pot holders..she will give them out for Christmas..
Feeding the deer in Crandon..

Last Thursday I picked up Destiny and had her spend the night so we could get an early start Friday morning.
We got on the road about 6:30am... She did fairly well on the trip..didn't complain..and only asked a few times few times how much longer..
She did sleep for a bit but not as long as I thought she would..

We were about 60 miles from Eagle River when I decided to stop at the last Walmart we would see before hitting E.R..

This Walmart is only 20 miles south of where my ex now gave some thought to maybe running into him there and decided that the odds were too great for that to happen...
Well, I was we were walking into the store, Carlos and his girlfriend were walking out..ugh...
It went fairly well...UNTIL his girlfriend who is 68 and should know better decided that she needed to make her presence known started asking Destiny if she was going to come up and see grandma and grandpa....WHAT THE HELL?? Did that woman really just say that?? I was VERY angry..Just because she is with their grandpa, she is NOT their grandma...You don't get that privilege just because you're someones girlfriend..
It would even be different if I knew that she was REALLY interested in the kids..She's not..
When they came back from their winter in Florida, She did not go to see and spend time with the kids..I can't even imagine being away from them for that long..she has made the statement that they won't be having any of the kids up for a week in the summer because she doesn't want to take care of them...And then she has the nerve to refer to herself as grandma..NOT happening..
I did tell my stepdaughter about the comment and she did not like it..she said that this woman doesn't even know her kids...Anyway, other than that, the accidental meeting went fine..

Our time in Eagle River was so much fun..Destiny was so well behaved..I was so proud of her..
The first day, we went horse back riding..her first time and my first time in about 30
She rode her own horse..she had the horse trotting..I was very proud of her..

My SIL lives on a lake and has a very small of course, we had to go out for a bit..
the weather wasn't the best so no one except Destiny was interested in going in the

The next day we took a trip over to Crandon..When Shannon was little, we lived there for a we went to her old school and took some pictures..then over to the courthouse..they have a penned area with three or four deer that you can feed..Destiny had never seen deer up close, so it was fun for her..

We had planned on spending the day there at Lake Metonga..but with the weather being on the cooler side we decided that we would just go there so Shannons kids could see where she would spend time crabbing when she was a kid..
As it turned out, we all ended up in the lake in our unexpected but a ton of

Saturday evening we went to one of the resorts to listen to my nephew..he is a great musician..
Shannon stayed at home with Destiny and Paris...Monique went with us..
We had a really nice time:)

Sunday on my way home, I talked to my boss and found out a few things had gone wrong with one of the restaurants over the week-end...UGH...even with the new lady in place, I have been cleaning the restaurant for the last week..AGAIN...
I trained a new guy last night and will for the next couple of nights..then it will be up to the new lady to handle things...I HOPE...because I am worn the point of going to check out cars yesterday with my daughter...If I decide to quit my job, I need a car..
The payments would be a bit higher than I would care to I decided that over the next couple of months I need to save some money so I have a better down payment..that would bring the monthly payments down..
Mainly I needed to know that I would qualify for a car loan if I give up my job..

This is getting a little longer than I had I'll close for now..but next time I'll have to tell you the little story of what working all of these hours has done to's a good laugh..

Have a great week-end!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I had the cable guy out today to fix my dvr box..and while he was here he noticed that I was using a cable for my laptop..I told him that I was concerned with using wireless while living in an apartment..He told me that Time Warner Cable is a secure network and I shouldn't be afraid to be wireless...OKAY..I went back to wireless..
He did make me aware that the sites I use should start with https...if the "s" is not there, then it means the site is not secure...So of course, I'm looking for it every time I click onto then I notice that when I am on blogger, it is not a secure site.
I've spent some time trying to figure out how I can make this secure but not having any success..
If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it:)

Well, I did it...I turned over the keys to the bars and restaurants....Yaaahooo....
Tonight will be the first night in 2 1/2 years that I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to make sure cleaners are checked in...
I'm so happy that I'm actually looking forward to going to

This change will make such a difference in my life..I will get adequate sleep, I will have the energy to make dinner, go walking, use my WII and so many other things.
I think I will be surprised at how much that shift was actually affecting me..

But it's done and now it's time to move on....

I'm also looking forward to Friday..I took a vacation day and I'm heading to Eagle River...I'm going to take my granddaughter Destiny with me...My daughter, Monique and Paris will already be there..They're going up on Wednesday..

My sister in law has a really nice trailer..the kind that has space in the back for her husband to get his harley loaded for transport..nice, very nice..they will stay there and I will stay in the house..

It will be interesting to take my grandkids to the lake that there mom used to play in when she was little..and the house where we lived..

I hope Destiny does okay on the's only 7 and a four hour trip is a long trip..I might invest in a portable dvd player...
We'll make a few stops along the way of course...I think she will have a blast..I can't wait...

Well, time to get something done..I'm going to clean out my is a hot mess..can't be helped when you live in

Hope every one has a great week...I know I will....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just stopping by to say Happy 4th of July to all!!

I'm sure most will be getting together with family or friends for a bbq....and just chilling...

I just got home from work..I feel wide awake right, I'm not sure if I will stay up for a while or try to get some sleep now...

I don't really have any plans today..although there are a few options..

I'm still training the next girl..I'm not sure how she will do..I think she will be fine as a supervisor..but not so sure how she will handle it when she has to cover one (or more) of her jobs when someone doesn't show up...

My boss thinks that he has a candidate for the would be nice if he could start training Tuesday night..I figure if I help get him trained, it should take three nights..THEN I can turn the night buildings over to the new girl....

She will be working part time..she will have 7 buildings to shouldn't be too hard for her..and she says that she likes night time work..
We'll see what happens...Time is a

Have a Happy 4th!!