Friday, September 23, 2011


I always look forward to the most people do..
Lol..its seems funny now, because it wasn't that long ago that I didn't get a reprieve from work even on the
I am totally enjoying it now:)

I wanted to get back in the routine of getting one of my little grandkids on the I sent a text message to my step-daughter Melissa a message on Wednesday asking if Mason would be able to spend Saturday night with me.
By Thursday, I still hadn't received an answer so I sent her a message via facebook...Still haven't heard back from her..
I don't get it..I have tried for so long to get close to her.Even as far back as when her father and I were together. She just won't allow it to happen..I have faced that, but that doesn't mean that you can't be polite.
She never replied to me when I asked if Mason could go to the Dells with us..
I sent her a text last week asking for ideas for Christmas. She did answer that one...
I just don't get it..I may never get it..I could have worked on getting one of the other kids this week-end if she had answered my text..Oh well, there isn't anything I can do about it right now..It is what it is and I can't change this one:)

I'm going to my daughters house tomorrow to pack up the things left over from the rummage sale..Then we're going to pack away all of the camping equipment.It shouldn't take us too long..

Last night I changed my living room around..I was tired when I was done, but it looks nice..and now I have a place to put my Christmas tree:) Trying to plan ahead time is going to come REAL fast..

I'm thinking about getting the paint to do the living room..I may even start it this week-end..

Well, guess that's it for news here in Germantown...
Hope everyone has a nice week-end:)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's been an emotional day for me..I've been taken back to what I was feeling ten years ago when I heard of the first plane hitting the tower...
It seemed like such a horrific accident...and then to see the second hit and we KNEW it was not an accident..All I could do was stand in front of the tv and say "Oh my God"..

Now today, watching the people read off the names of the loved ones lost, I find myself once again feeling so many of the same feelings..
Seeing some of the young kids is the little girl said she never got to meet her Dad because she was in her Mommies tummy when it happened..Seeing so many last names that are the same and knowing that there are families out there that lost more than one loved one that day..

I think they have done a beautiful job with the memorial site...

I did see one thing that bothered me..(and maybe it shouldn't have) There was a woman holding an American flag and a Mexican flag didn't make sense to me..this memorial isn't about what your heritage is or was..The United States of America had been attacked..THAT is the only flag that should have been held on this day..(just my opinion,,and I don't mean to offend anyone)...

God Bless America and prayers to all of the families!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've been busy getting things around the house straightened up...Mostly the file cabinet and closets..
I had paperwork in every drawer you could think of..A lot of times I run into problems because I need to find a place for just ONE piece of sure what to do with it, so I stick it in a
I have vowed not to do that any more:) I cleaned out the file cabinet and set it up with more hanging folders..One will hold miscellaneous items..
I was able to free up one drawer in my dresser..Of course, that is already being used for it should

Tomorrow we are celebrating my girlfriends her house..with her husband being in charge of the grill..I made brownies today, and baked beans..tomorrow morning I will put together the veggie tray..
I used one of those magic brownie trays...OMG..that was a royal will go into the rummage pile after today..Definitely not worth the trouble to use..

Tonight I am going to watch Big Brother and go to sleep early..tomorrow, I'm going to just relax and enjoy the company of good friends..

Wishing you all a relaxing extended week-end...

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's been a long week!!

I'm so glad that the week-end is here..."And" it a three day week-end at that:)
It's been a long week of training people, covering for people that don't have any work ethic, getting keys back from people that no longer work for us...

The good news is that for most of the week, I have been home by 10pm..(I only had one night that I didn't get home until midnight)..
I can deal with most anything if I am able to sleep thru the has been a slice of

My daughter and I had our rummage sale last week..and we made $200.00..Trust me, I did not think we would do that well...We're going to have it again..not sure if we will bother this week-end..a lot of people head out of town..we'll see how we feel in the morning..It has given me incentive to go thru more around here and get rid of things that are not being used..less clutter is always a good thing...

I have a TON of paper work to go thru..all of the miscellaneous items that you cant throw out but aren't sure where to store it..I'll have to organize my file cabinet..I dread this job..paperwork always seems so darned overwhelming to me..Although I do like it when I can actually find what I'm looking for..More incentive to get it done:)

Guess that's it for now..I'm tired and I think I'll go watch tv in my room..

Have a happy and safe Labor Day Week-end!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Patrick and Monica..We were at our State Fair...she did not want to have her picture taken..I told her that in this family, this is what we

Monique is now a Marquette College Student!!

We moved her in on Wednesday..She was so excited..and her Mom was soooo
Sad to see her first born baby leave the nest..sad to know she will not see her on a daily basis..But very excited to see her daughter turn into a mature young woman..She knows that Monique will do what is right for her life and future and she is so very proud of her.

Paris stayed home from school to help with the move..When we were leaving the dorms, we were waiting for the elevator and talking trying to lighten the mood by joking about leaving Monique behind..He started to cry and then got embarrassed for crying.
We hugged him and told him it would be okay..It was sweet to see that even at 14 he could have such emotion his sister leaving home..(and being only 6 miles away) lol..

He did say that he can't wait until he goes to he can move the dorm furniture around and there's free he only realized how much that coffee really costs...
My daughter is going to start checking into what help Paris can get if he pursues college..Having Autism/Aspergers Syndrome may make going to college somewhat hard. He is a 4.0 student but will he get the extra help he needs?? Hopefully she will be able to get a handle on that..

My grandson Patrick (aka- JJ)..has a girlfriend..the first one that he has brought think she's special..Her name is Monica..she's fairly quiet but she sure likes my
Because his legal name is Jeremiah and we usually call him JJ..I asked her what she calls him...with a cute little smile she said..Paddy..oh, young love.

On the work front things have greatly has been absolute heaven to be able to sleep all night:)
It has allowed me to spend time making sure that all of my buildings are in tip-top shape (well, I'm working on that)..
This week has been bad for people taking off or just not showing boss and I have both had to cover quite a few buildings..The good news is that even with doing that, I am still usually home by 10pm or so and then I get to sleep ALL night:)

Speaking of sleep, I should get off the computer and get some...
Wishing all of you a wonderful week-end:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wisconsin Dells Trip!!

Cameron and Destiny in the pool...
Playing on the porch of our cabin...
Me and Destiny...

We had a nice time on the trip to the Dells...It rained on and off on Saturday..happens every time I go away for a

We did get some swimming was a bit cooler and once in a while we had a mild rain..but as I told the kids, there wasn't any thunder or lightening so we were good to go..
We spent some time in town looking for souvenirs for the kids..Cameron picked a rubber ball that had his name on it and lights in it..Destiny picked a pretty necklace with her name on it..

We spent some time in the arcade located on the campgrounds..We ALL had a blast...We ended up with 569 we were able to gets lots of with them when we were done..

I do have to say that I would think twice about taking both of the kids anywhere at the same time...they just bicker and fight and tattle on each other WAY too much...I don't want to spend all of my time correcting them or handing out punishments..
It was far easier when I just had Destiny with me on the last trip...Not one issue with her..
I have a picture of both of the kids on this trip when they had gotten out of hand with the attitudes and then they couldn't golf with the rest of us...

We did get to ride the go-carts..that was fun..and cheap..3 dollars for each of the adults and the kids were free...they loved that..although Cameron got a little scared when our car hit the wall a

Saturday night we went out to dinner at one of the nicer restaurants..the food was great and the prices weren't too bad..The kids certainly need the experience of going somewhere other than

We also went out for breakfast Sunday morning..both times out, I had the little ones order their own food..they did a good job..

It was a nice trip..but even Paris was done with listening to them
I needed a vacation from my three day vacation....

On the job front...things are much better..The new girl came back on a limited basis..she is on light duty..probably three weeks left to go on that..
She can do every thing except cover a job if someone doesn't show up..and that hasn't happened so I have been able to sleep the night through since Tuesday night..I am loving it...I feel so much better:)
I'm getting so much more home and on the job..

Today will be a busy one...Monique moves her stuff into her dorm...she doesn't officially move in until Wednesday...but has early move in for her belongings...
Her roommate will be coming from Chicago with her stuff...hopefully they will get along far they have spent time getting to know each other via facebook...

My daughter is have a REALLY hard time having her firstborn leave will on be 6 or 9 miles away...Ha-ha...but they did so much, going out to eat...etc...stuff that the boys don't want to do..I told her she will save a ton of money...

Watch out Marquette University, here comes Monique..

Hope everyone has a great day...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well, I'm feeling a little more up beat took long enough to get here..

I suppose it helps that I'll be on vacation in two days helps..I'm so looking forward to that..
I still haven't heard from my one I guess Mason really isn't going to be able to go with us..that makes me feel bad for him..but it's not something I can change..

On a bright note, Cameron is going to be able to come with us..Yaahoo...He will be so excited..I am

The weather has cooled down..thank goodness..but now they are talking rain..scattered..but rain..
keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't hamper any of our plans..

The new girl goes to the doctor tomorrow...yippy... hopefully she will be able to come back to work..even on a limited basis...that in itself will be a blessing for sure...

I love my coffee from Speedway...the best around...I usually don't have to pay for it..They have a rewards program..if you use your card when you buy something in the store or get gas, you get points...I have so many points that I probably won't ever have to pay for my coffee...I don't usually get coffee in the evening, but for some reason, on my way home, I just felt like it would be relaxing to have a cup...

Guess that's it for news...I'll keep you posted on the work situation:)