Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, I had a mini cry this't know why...

I sat here thinking of why I would be feeling emotional..These are some of the things that I came up with..

My ex, who was a controlling, sometimes a mean and sarcastic person has someone to share his life with..And that doesn't seem fair to me..
Now granted, everyone knows that he is with her for what she has..and I feel that if you are with someone for the wrong reasons, it WILL come back to haunt you..
But the fact is, I feel that I deserve to have a nice man in my life..I would like to have a nice man in my life.
I don't dwell on it, I don't cry the blues about it..I live my life with purpose..and give to the people in it..
But I feel ready to have a person to share time with..I just don't know how to go about meeting someone..
LOL..I always tell my friends that the best way to meet someone is through your friends and that they are lacking in that area..

I think I get the after the Holiday blues...I work so hard at the build up.. I love to make a nice Christmas for everyone..I truly love Christmas!! The thought of celebrating the birth of Jesus truly warms my heart..

My Moms birthday is this month..Jan. 16th..
It is also the month that my Mom passed away..and although I'm fine most of the time, I think my inner self finds it hard to deal with the loss.
Being without the person that means the most to me is heart wrenching.
I think sometimes I just want to be the child again..I miss my Mom..

My job situation does not help my mental well
I will be working again this week-end..only because I have to deal with the restaurants..and that sucks...
My boss did offer to take care of the one restaurant that needs to be done this week-end..and we have one of the specialty guys taking care of the other two restaurants that we have to help with..BUT, my boss also has two restaurants that he has to make sure are taken care of and I didn't want him to have to worry about any more..
With the crowds they are going to have tonight, they are going to be one hot mess...and we have such a limited time to get them cleaned..I think the cleaners deserve to have a little bit of extra help..and my boss can't be everywhere..
So, I will give a helping hand..
My friends are getting a room at a hotel that is having a band and food for New Years..I think I'll go and spend a little time with them before I have to head out to clean..there will be another couple with them.
I again will be the 5th
I told her that I won't stay until midnight unless there is a nice single guy there to give a New Years kiss

I feel better now..I know this will be a great year...I'm calling it MY

It's all about a positive attitude, Right??

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! May it be filled with all that you wish for!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas:)

Mine was very nice..although it goes by so fast..All of the buildup, and then it's here and gone in a matter of hours..

I always enjoy watching the kids open their presents..As they get older it gets harder to find things they may I can usually find something..
Monique LOVES most of her gifts were in the form of gift cards..but I did find a book that I thought she might like, and she did..."The Help"..she saw the movie and is really looking forward to reading the book.

There is usually a game that Paris has been wanting so he wasn't too hard..Plus I always make up a little money tree for him..Even if it only has one dollar bills on it, he gets a kick out of it.. a little harder..But I did get him a gift card from a clothes shop that he likes..and now that he has a girlfriend, I'm sure he will put the cash to good use..

My daughter was fairly easy this year..She has been wanting the "Magic Bullet" for some time now.. and loved getting that..
I also got her a wide slot toaster..

They got me a #12 (Rodgers) Jersey..beautiful earrings and a Packers pillow that also serves the purpose of a stuffed animal...very cute..
AND a box of CRAB LEGS...I'm going to cook them up on New Years Eve...Can't wait.

I did a little after Christmas shopping...some wrapping paper, a few boxes and a few presents for next year...Good deals...

I worked this week-end..and a for a bit it's time for me to unwind and get ready for the rest of this's going to be a busy one..and thankfully, a short one for at least a few of my

Enjoy your week and hold the magic of Christmas close for as long as you can:)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm finally finding the time and energy to do an entry..Some days, I have all intentions of blogging and then all I do is read

I'm back on the dreaded night shift again...yes, you heard me right..The new girl didn't even last a full month..Not that I'm lied about numerous things..didn't get to jobs when she knew that they needed supplies..and didn't go to clean a building one night when she knew the guy wasn't going to be there...

So, now I'm back in the saddle..and NOT liking it.. I fired one young man last's a shame..he was always on time, showed up every night but for some reason, would not follow direction and left numerous things undone...
It was to the point that I had to go there each morning to check the building and pick up the slack. I don't have time for that..
Tonight I will be training the new guy..He already works at one of the bars on the week-end, so at least he knows how we do's just a different layout..Hopefully this will solve the problem..

On Saturday night I had the little ones over to celebrate Christmas, along with my friends Joe and Lisa..we had a very nice time..The kids were very well behaved and enjoyed their gifts..
We ordered pizza for'm all about making things as easy as I can..

Christmas Eve, I will go to my daughters house..We are making things as easy and stress free as possible..ham and rolls, boiled shrimp (my moms favorite Christmas Eve treat) and munchies..
I have made a few batches of cookies..I need to make one more batch of peanut butter cookies for my (ex) father in law..they are his favorite:)

I was up at 4:00am and now when I look at the clock, I can't believe it's only thought it was at least 7...
I'll go to bed early tonight so I can get up at 1:45am...
to be honest, I could go to sleep right now..but then I wouldn't be able to sleep when I need

I gave my boss and his wife and little boy their presents already..It is HARD buying for them..but I did find a few things and a couple of treats along with a plate of homemade cookies..

They gave me a $1,500.00 bonus..I was totally shocked...I will have to have taxes taken out, but even at that, it was FAR more than I had anticipated for sure...
It was nice to see that he really has appreciated all of my extra work:)

On that note, it's time for me to get a few things done before I go to sleep..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thank you ladies for your kind comments on my last post...It is ALWAYS appreciated:)

We both apologized and let it go....AMEN!!

Yesterday I found out that my new grandchild is a ......."GIRL"....
My step-daughter send me a text as soon as she left the doctors office...I was so glad that she took the time to do that and I didn't have to find out about it on facebook..I like facebook, but I don't want to find out ALL information
Then I went to Walmart where they have all of their summer stuff on sale..little one piece outfits and such...for $2.00 each..some I got for $1.00...I think I spent $30.00 and got two bags full...

I picked Cameron up last night and when I got there his mommy showed me the ultra sound picture of the baby...My gosh, she's Big..I didn't expect that I weighs one pound now...

Today Cameron and I went to the Harley store to buy presents and we wanted to pick a name off the giving tree so he could buy a present for someone in need..They were all gone already...
So, I took him to the dollar store instead and he bought gifts and gift boxes for his mom and dad and grandparents..
Then we went to Walmart and then to Menards where I got myself a Dutch oven..I have never owned one..This one was $69.00 and I got it for $35.00...Now I have to look for those recipes that always call for a dutch

We finally made it home and I was tuckered it's 8:30pm..I swear I could go to sleep right now...but..."It's a wonderful life" is on and I'm watching that..Cameron isn't interested..

He did get all of his presents wrapped and placed under the for all the work today was, it was a good day:)

Time to relax now and finish watching my favorite movie...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I still haven't put the ornaments on my tree...although I do have to say that at night it is not noticeable at

Early this morning, I did do three loads of laundry...other than that, I have done a little guilty about that but it was just one of those days..

I guess I'm feeling down because my daughter and I had a disagreement yesterday.
We had done some Black Friday shopping with my granddaughter. At one point, I went a separate way from them.. (at the mall)..fully expecting that I would get back by them before they were done...
Well, somehow we didn't find each other in the mall, and my fault, I didn't have my phone with they couldn't contact me that way.
Long story short. it was about 45 minutes before I found them in the car..and my daughter was angry...She starts yelling at me...Yes, yelling at me...I certainly didn't raise her to think that was appropriate behavior, but for some reason, she thinks she has the right to speak her mind as loudly as she wants too...Well, we got back to her house and I had my granddaughter run in and get my phone and keys..
We have exchanged a couple of e-mails but neither one of us is willing to back down completely...I apologized for putting them through the worry of not knowing where I was...but because I also told her that she still had no right to talk to me that way, she didn't really accept my apology...OH well...

I feel terrible that we aren't talking, but on the other hand, I am not going to be talked to in that way by her or anybody else..
I would NEVER have talked (yelled) to my Mom that way...and I expect the same..
So, it could be a very different type of Holiday this year...

Tomorrow I'm going to go to a couple of my buildings..just to get a jump on next week..
My girlfriends daughter is her from Texas with her new baby..She was supposed to go home today and then come back at Christmas, but that all changed and she decided to stay and do Christmas early..
We're going to have a girls get together to exchange presents while she is here so everyone can meet the baby...

Well, I guess that's it for now..I picked up Masons presents this week, so I'm going to get them wrapped...My living room is getting a bit

Until later.....

Sorry I copied your blog Lucy,,,I just couldn't help
It took me forever to figure out how to get the header picture on here..Lucy, you are far more advanced with changing your blog than I am...

Friday, November 18, 2011

I love having the extra room that the tree stand provides...

The tree stand for my friend Chris..
My Christmas village..a little dark, but you get the idea..

Yay,,it's Friday...

I have gotten so much done this week..Last night, I even delivered my gift to my friend Chris..I knew she was going to put her tree up next week and wanted her to have it in time...
She seemed very pleased with it:)

I have the lights on the tree. I don't know how much further I'll get with it this week-end though..
The documentary that my nephew is in is actually showing at my granddaughters college on of course, we're going to see it again..
My sister-in-law is coming down from Eagle River with her husband to see it also..It is her son that is in it..
We're getting together for dinner her daughter in law happened to pick one of my restaurants for the location...too funny...

Yesterday I noticed that water was leaking from the apartment upstairs...ugh..and the hole in the ceiling STILL had not been covered since the last water incident..although I guess it's a good thing..
The plumber is here now fixing it and my landlord assures me that the hole will be covered asap...(we'll see)..

My daughter and I decided that we would have a baby shower for my step-daughter..
I found a location here in Germantown that has a VERY reasonable rate..So, last night I sent her a message stating where we wanted to have it and an approximate date...and that it would be girls
Well, today I get a text from her stating that no one in her family would drive ALL the way out to Germantown...and that she really wanted to involve the guys also...
Needless to say, I am upset..First of all, if her family can't drive 15-20 minutes to get here then I don't think we should worry about them...and then she says that she wants the guys involved...
My first thought to all of this is...Who is throwing the shower?? and since when is it okay for the recipient to start making demands?? I know I'm older and I know that most of the showers today are co-ed...but that is not the way I was going with this..
I haven't sent a reply yet...I've decided that when I do reply I'm going to say that since this isn't going to work out, I'll just use the money that I would have spent on the shower on the baby instead.
I just feel bad because this is something that I really wanted to do...oh well!!

I wish this plumber would hurry up..I REALLY want to take a

Enjoy your week-end!!