Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kayla (10) Kiera (13) and silly Bella (5)
Kayla and Paris
Kiera, Bella and Kayla
Bella (AKA - Drama Queen)

These are my latest editions..lol..
I think I mentioned in a previous blog that my daughter and I are reconnecting with my step-daughter Nickie...Her dad and I split when she was about 16 years old..
We had a few visits after the divorce but really lost touch after that..I didn't see her again until her brother Philip killed himself in 2005..

She is not a blood sister to my daughter Shannon, but for the most part, they were raised as sisters..They both want that connection again..
I have been in Nickies life since she was born..(another long story,lol).

I have longed for a relationship with her and her three girls..and that time is finally here...I couldn't be more pleased..

My daughter wanted to treat them with a trip to the Dells..at one of the water parks..
I was nervous on the way to pick them up on Sunday..I had already met the two older girls a few weeks back when we took them bowling..but I had not seen Nickie or met the little one..

Nickie and I hugged and all of the nervousness was gone....
Her 10 year old, Kayla ran out of the house and asked me if she could call me grandma...I told her that she would have to ask her mom first..she had already asked and Nickie said it was up to me..lol..of course, I said that was fine..

With in a few hours, the little one, Bella was calling me grandma too...

I'm not trying to take the place of their other grandma's place for sure. but if Nickies dad and I had stayed together, the girls would have always called me grandma..so, it seems like a piece of the puzzle has been put into place:)

Paris was the only boy in our group..lol..but he was fine with that..We had seven people on this trip, but my daughter had gotten a suite so we had plenty of room..we just had to double up for sleeping..
Bella made it known right away that She was sleeping with her "bestest" grandma...lol..how can you not love that?

We were only there for one night, but we got our monies worth..the kids went on all of the BIG water rides and even got me to go on two of them..I will only say this...NEVER AGAIN...lol...I thought my heart was going to stop...Kiera (the oldest) thought that was the funniest thing...
Come on now, the ride was called the HURRICANE...need I say more??

When we dropped them off on Monday, Bella said her foot hurt, so I carried her to the door..a minute later, she was at the door again saying goodbye to me...(no one else)..lol...five minutes after we left Nickie called to say that Bella was crying saying she didn't get to say goodbye to me..
I talked to her for a few minutes and promised her I would see her soon..

Now all we have to do is KEEP the relationship going..with all of our different schedules we will have to MAKE the time to spend together..
As it turns out, Nickie lives so much closer to me than I thought she did..It will make it so much easier to get together..I'm glad about that...

Now all I have to do is explain this new development to Cameron and Destiny..Mason also, but I don't think he will be as affected by my having three new grandkids in my life..I want to incorporate my time with all of the little ones..I think Destiny will like spending some time with Bella, but she might have a hard time sharing me with another little girl..especially when her mom is having another girl..I do not want to have any of the kids think that they will lose time with me..

As I always tell the kids, we have a lot of love to give...so, I'm sure it will turn out for the best..I don't think kids can ever have too many people to love them:)

Happy Valentines Day!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunrise: South Padre Island..

Lisa, Tessa and Collin: Going for a walk on the beach..
View from the patio where we had dinner: It was wonderful
One of the turtles at: The Sea Turtle Rescue Center
Tessa and baby Collin
Collin: Guess who taught him how to stick his tongue out..lol
Sunrise: Tessa's backyard
The Alamo:
ME and Lisa at the airport:)

Good morning!! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

Yesterday I spent some time doing a post..pictures and all...only to lose it when I hit the publish button..WHAT?? I don't know where it went..I guess it is now in cyber heaven....RIP..
I was NOT a happy camper.
Let's try this one more time:)

We had a very nice time on our vacation..but it was very hectic..We spent a lot of time in the car and then with the baby..I almost needed a vacation from my vacation..lol..
Collin is a very good baby..he really only cries when he wants to eat. But he is a baby and they are a LOT of work..lol..

We spent 2 1/2 hours one way to take him to see the doctor in San Antonio...It rained the whole time. After the doctors appointment we went for lunch at Crabby Joe's Crab Shack..VERY good food..Then we went to see the Alamo..that was interesting to see..
We also went to the River Walk..in the rain..lol..and it wasn't stroller friendly so we didn't spend much time there..
Back in the car for another 2 1/2 hours...

The next day it was off to South Padre Island..that was a 4 1/2 hour drive..although this time it wasn't as bad because Lisa had rented a van..We wouldn't have been able to go otherwise..do you remember how much STUFF you have to have for a baby?? Oh my gosh, the van was full...lol..and for some reason, I again ended up sitting in the back seat with the baby..( I really thought his grandma would be the one sitting with him)..
So, although he is a great baby, I still spent a lot of time entertaining him and giving him his bottle..Oh well, small price to pay to see a good portion of Texas..

While in S. Padre we went out to lunch and dinner, walked the beach and went to The Sea Turtle Rescue Center..
Some of the turtles were HUGE..Most of the larger ones will never leave the center..some of the smaller ones will stay until they are healed and then be released..it was a nice experience..

We did get some time in the hot tub..with our pina' colada's ...it was so windy out though so we had to keep fixing the little wind break that we made to protect C0llin..
I even braved one lap in the wonderful swimming pool...lol...

Lisa and I did wake up early one morning to walk the beach and watch the sunrise..That's always one of the things I like to do..I did get to walk through the waters edge..and didn't freeze my feet..I love,love the water. I could listen to the waves forever..

All in all it was a nice trip..

During this trip, I did make the decision to talk to my boss about not wanting to be a supervisor anymore..It's not even about the restaurants anymore..it's about not wanting to deal with all of these different people..it's just too darned frustrating..

I approached him with the idea of my going into the specialty end of the business..He actually thinks this is something worth considering:)
The two guys that are doing it now are not doing the best job and my boss ends up going to redo a lot of the jobs..He wouldn't have to do that if I paired up with one of the fellows..

Before that could happen, I would need to get a car..so that is what I will be working on over the next few months..and then we could move forward..
The best part of that deal would be that when I am done with a job, I could walk away and be DONE for the day...NO Calls...no on call 24-7..
I just want to do my job and go home....lol...

We'll see how it turns out...

Well, today is super bowl Sunday..MY team is not playing..I have to decide if I want to go to the bar to watch the game..I have a few bucks on the line..lol..
Lisa told me that my ex is going to be in town..he is actually going to a friends house to watch it and has asked Lisa's husband to go along..he is going to go because Lisa has to work..the problem being is that at half time they might go to the same bar that I would be at..Now I have to admit, I am a very stubborn Scorpio at times..lol..and feel that this is MY town..and I shouldn't have to stay home..but on the other hand, I really have NO interest in running into him..(to be honest, I think that is part of his plan)..He knows that I hang out with Joe and Lisa..he knows that KJ's is where we hang out...So he should stay away..
I guess if I go, I'll just leave before halftime...Just makes me mad..lol...

The weather here has been GREAT..I can't even believe that it is February..Spring jacket weather...It has been so darned nice..it is making it very easy to get through this winter in Wisconsin:)

Well, I guess that's about it for now...time to get this day going...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am just about ready for my vacation..clothes are packed, items bought, house cleaned, and work matters taken care of..(almost)..lol..

On Friday, I was supposed to train at two different banks and cover another one for someone out sick..
It had been snowing most of the day..and although it has not accumulated to a severe amount, I knew it was slippery. I had to meet the first trainee at 6:00pm..I would normally leave my house at 5:15 to be there in time. Because of the snow I decided that I would leave at 3:00..I could at least get to the south side of town before rush hour traffic got too bad..
Well, ten minutes into a slow crawl on the freeway, my van started to slip a little so I took my foot off of the accelerator and lightly touched the brakes..it straightened out and I glanced in my mirror...CRAP.. I could see the guy behind me lose it and knew he was going to hit me...YEP he did...
We pulled over..thankfully no one was hurt...
He had to get a tow truck..I called my bosses wife to tell her about the accident..and I admit, I did go into a bit of a rant about trying to be out on the roads in those conditions..I told her to call the woman that I was supposed to meet and tell her not to come..(She never called the woman..it took the woman two hours on the bus to get there..she was not happy)..
I called my boss and told him I could drive the van home..The bumper, tailgate, tire holder and exhaust is messed up..and who knows what else...
I dropped the van off yesterday and picked up one of the other vehicles so I could do the three banks that had not gotten cleaned..
I did have my grandson Paris help me with the one closest to his house..Something I'm not supposed to do because he is not an employee..well, guess what? I don't care..lol..Because of his help with that one, it only took an hour and that was a GREAT help to me..
Today I did some errands and at 3:00 I am going to drop this vehicle off at the shop and then I will officially be on VACATION....lol...I am one happy camper, I'll tell you.
Tomorrow can't come fast enough for me:)

This last week has only enforced how much I need a new job..
Gary has taken over checking in the restaurant people..but he STILL calls me in the middle of the night with problems..so really, what is the sense of having him do that job? My boss hasn't said one more thing about finding someone for the late night position, so I guess he really doesn't have a lot of concern for me...It's too bad but that's the way it is..

I am shooting for finding something new by spring..summer at the latest...Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer please!!

Well, that's it for news from my slice of the world...I don't know if I'll be able to get on the computer while I'm gone...but rest assured, I will have plenty of pictures when I return...lol...

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It has been a very busy week..Getting all of my accounts stocked with enough supplies to last while I am gone.

Between having to fire people and some leaving for their own reasons, we have accounts open..It has been a challenge for sure.
I will be training tonight and Friday..I will also be covering one of the jobs myself..luckily it happens to be a bank that stays in fairly good shape.

In this business, it is never a good time for a vacation..lol..but I have to keep telling myself, I am only a worker..I won't feel bad about leaving..lol..(but I do)..
My boss is a smart man..he'll figure it out:)

Last Saturday, I had the enjoyment of meeting two special girls..
They are the daughters of my step-daughter Nickie..Long story short, I was with her dad the first 16 years of her life..
When we got divorced, Nickie and I lost touch with each other..I thought we would come together again when her brother Philip killed himself..that didn't happen...

Although Nickie and my daughter Shannon aren't actually sisters, they were raised as such..they have recently reconnected..Shannon was getting two of Nickies three girls last Saturday for a day of bowling and we discussed my joining them..
She talked to Nickie about it and Nickie said she would love for the girls to know me..
Kiera is 13 and Kayla is 10...Beautiful girls and I must say, they are the most loving girls..They sat by me and hugged me, sat on my lap...and just enjoyed our time together...
Kiera told me twice that she remembered me..I tried to tell her that she couldn't possibly because she was only a baby the last time that I saw her..
These girls are so open to having more family..and if I had stayed married to their grandpa, they most likely would have called me grandma..
In fact, Kayla said a couple of times, "it's grandma's turn"..(to bowl)..
I have since had contact with my step-daughter and she is thrilled about us all reconnecting our bond..
So, although I physically only had one child, my life seems to get more and more full...and I say, "the more, the merrier"..lol..
I still have to meet her youngest daughter...Bella...she is 5 and from what I hear, she is a pistol...lol..It should be interesting:)

Well, I better get moving here and get some paper work done..
Enjoy the rest of your week:)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

There is good news on my horizon....

I am going to Texas in two weeks...and I CAN'T wait..lol..I sooo need a vacation. Not from my personal life, but from this job..

My daughter and I have been doing some research into going to Vegas for two or three nights in February..(which we are still going to do).
Because we will be going over the week-end, I will only need to use two days of my vacation..

Anyway, my girlfriend is going to Texas to see her daughter and grandson. They will also be spending three nights in South Padre..
She called me on Friday and said she had a thought that she wanted to share with me.
She offered that if I could go with her, she would pay for half of my airfare...WELL, let me tell you, I was right on the phone with my bosses wife, letting her know that I was putting in a verbal request for 5 days of my vacation..I explained the situation and she didn't see any problems with taking that week..( I certainly hope not after I have busted my butt and gave up my entire summer)...

I called Lisa back and told her to book the flight..Her husband booked it the next day:)
She will be renting a van for us to go from Laredo to South Padre..I don't have to worry about the gas, car rental or hotel..These are things that they already had planned...
So, I'm going on vacation:)

In February, my daughter and I will still go to Vegas..SHE needs and deserves a vacation also...we won't be taking any of the kids this time..it will be the first time just the two of us have been on vacation...I know we will have a blast..

Tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary of my Moms passing..I had a moment today..
My daughter and I will probably go to one of the Chinese restaurants that my Mom loved to go to:)
We'll get through the day okay..we do a good job of being able to laugh at the memories that we have..and talk about the things that she loved:)

Tomorrow I give one of the work phones to our floor specialist that is going to fill in and make sure that the night people are checked in..he will also cover if someone doesn't make it in..
This will be a huge relief to me..although I will still have to do inspections and re-supply them.
My boss asked me if we still needed to hire someone...YES...I am not having all of the extras when he was paying someone else to do the job...Silly man:)

Well, I guess that's all for news...
Hope everyone has a great week!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, I had a mini cry this morning...lol..don't know why...

I sat here thinking of why I would be feeling emotional..These are some of the things that I came up with..

My ex, who was a controlling, sometimes a mean and sarcastic person has someone to share his life with..And that doesn't seem fair to me..
Now granted, everyone knows that he is with her for what she has..and I feel that if you are with someone for the wrong reasons, it WILL come back to haunt you..
But the fact is, I feel that I deserve to have a nice man in my life..I would like to have a nice man in my life.
I don't dwell on it, I don't cry the blues about it..I live my life with purpose..and give to the people in it..
But I feel ready to have a person to share time with..I just don't know how to go about meeting someone..
LOL..I always tell my friends that the best way to meet someone is through your friends and that they are lacking in that area..

I think I get the after the Holiday blues...I work so hard at the build up.. I love to make a nice Christmas for everyone..I truly love Christmas!! The thought of celebrating the birth of Jesus truly warms my heart..

My Moms birthday is this month..Jan. 16th..
It is also the month that my Mom passed away..and although I'm fine most of the time, I think my inner self finds it hard to deal with the loss.
Being without the person that means the most to me is heart wrenching.
I think sometimes I just want to be the child again..I miss my Mom..

My job situation does not help my mental well being...lol...
I will be working again this week-end..only because I have to deal with the restaurants..and that sucks...
My boss did offer to take care of the one restaurant that needs to be done this week-end..and we have one of the specialty guys taking care of the other two restaurants that we have to help with..BUT, my boss also has two restaurants that he has to make sure are taken care of and I didn't want him to have to worry about any more..
With the crowds they are going to have tonight, they are going to be one hot mess...and we have such a limited time to get them cleaned..I think the cleaners deserve to have a little bit of extra help..and my boss can't be everywhere..
So, I will give a helping hand..
My friends are getting a room at a hotel that is having a band and food for New Years..I think I'll go and spend a little time with them before I have to head out to clean..there will be another couple with them.
I again will be the 5th wheel..lol..
I told her that I won't stay until midnight unless there is a nice single guy there to give a New Years kiss to..lol...

I feel better now..I know this will be a great year...I'm calling it MY YEAR...lol...

It's all about a positive attitude, Right??

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! May it be filled with all that you wish for!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas:)

Mine was very nice..although it goes by so fast..All of the buildup, and then it's here and gone in a matter of hours..

I always enjoy watching the kids open their presents..As they get older it gets harder to find things they may like..lol..But I can usually find something..
Monique LOVES shopping..so most of her gifts were in the form of gift cards..but I did find a book that I thought she might like, and she did..."The Help"..she saw the movie and is really looking forward to reading the book.

There is usually a game that Paris has been wanting so he wasn't too hard..Plus I always make up a little money tree for him..Even if it only has one dollar bills on it, he gets a kick out of it..

JJ..is a little harder..But I did get him a gift card from a clothes shop that he likes..and now that he has a girlfriend, I'm sure he will put the cash to good use..

My daughter was fairly easy this year..She has been wanting the "Magic Bullet" for some time now.. and loved getting that..
I also got her a wide slot toaster..

They got me a #12 (Rodgers) Jersey..beautiful earrings and a Packers pillow that also serves the purpose of a stuffed animal...very cute..
AND a box of CRAB LEGS...I'm going to cook them up on New Years Eve...Can't wait.

I did a little after Christmas shopping...some wrapping paper, a few boxes and a few presents for next year...Good deals...

I worked this week-end..and a for a bit today..now it's time for me to unwind and get ready for the rest of this week..it's going to be a busy one..and thankfully, a short one for at least a few of my workers...lol...

Enjoy your week and hold the magic of Christmas close for as long as you can:)