Saturday, November 3, 2012

The top picture is the "hill" the Marines have to hike..You can see the road on the right...
The second picture is my grandsons platoon..He is in the front row, 3rd from the left..They have someone on base that takes random pictures..I was lucky enough to spot him in this one..Lol..I used a magnifying glass..ha-ha...

Thanks for the comments ladies..I do appreciate it:)
Linda it was so nice to see your comment..I miss you:) 
Hollie, your comment made me laugh..Thanks..

I am so glad that the week-end is here..I don't have any plans yet but that's okay..I need to spend some time tomorrow doing my laundry..and then I'm going to make some meals for the coming week..

I also want to spend some time getting my papers in order for my ancestry is a mess..
I can't believe how time consuming it is..Trying to keep everyone that belongs together
I need to find a paper family tree..I'm not sure where to look..Maybe it's time to

I also need to look for some type of keep sake book for my granddaughters published articles..
She just had another front page story for the Marquette Tribune..
It was an article on Autism..and it was REALLY good:)
My daughter suggested looking at Michaels..good idea..I love that store..

I need to make a list, because if I don't, I forget about it and then remember at the most inopportune

Time to think about getting some sleep:)
Have a nice week-end!!  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My computer may be starting to fall apart..Believe me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it holds up until the new year:)
The back button fell guess it could be worse..although it is getting slower with time, it still boots up:)

I've been in a bit of a funk this last week..can't quite put my finger on it..well, I guess that's not true..Finances have me going in I'm about $400.00 a month short of what I was making..ugh..and the trip to San Diego didn't help..even with the help from my daughter..
I know I'll be okay once I get my bills on a good schedule..but that is going to take about a month..then Christmas will be here..

Okay..enough of that..I talked with my daughter about it and did agree that even with the lower income, I am by far better off now than when I was the account manager..I know what my hours will be, I don't have people calling me 24/7 with complaints or telling me they won't be in to work..

My grandson upset me a bit..We waited two weeks to hear from him. They didn't get their cell phones until yesterday afternoon..And what does he do?? He spends his entire free time talking to and texting his girlfriend...Oh, I get it to some degree but geezzzzz, do you think you could spend a little time talking to ME?
lol..He did finally call me today..we had a nice talk..
Last week, he used a machine gun and got to throw liked that..He likes his drill instructors..again, this is unusual..but I'm sure it helps getting through this training portion. He will graduate at the end of the month and then he will head to Damneck Virginia..He thinks after he checks in there he might be able to come home for 30 days..that would be nice..

I swear facebook is the cause of more daughter and step-daughter got into a battle on there and then my step-daughter unfriended don't know what I did..I'm assuming that my step-daughter wanted to be able to vent about my daughter without me seeing is fine. I just think she could have told me before she unfriended me....oh well..

I'm trying to make a few meals so I have something on hand..I haven't been eating very well lately..
I've been experiencing some dizziness again the last week or two. I think not eating right is part of it. I have been trying to drink a LOT of water also because I think I may get dehydrated easily doing this type of work..Very frustrating to say the

Well, I guess that's about it for Not very exciting here..

Have a great week:)     


Saturday, October 13, 2012

I got a LOT done today..Cleaned out and re-organized closets..
Made dinner (although it's a late dinner, lol..)..jumped my daughters car, made a Walmart run, 2 loads of laundry..put out my fall/ Halloween decorations and re-potted a plant...

Not too bad..I even got a short little nap in knew I woke up WAY to early this morning..

It's been raining on and off all it was a good day to get inside stuff done.
It seems like I am always doing the closets..My Mom used to laugh about that. It just seems like they get cluttered up fairly fast. 

When JJ was in boot camp, I sent a request to my State Senator that a flag be flown over the capitol in his honor on becoming a Marine on Sept.21st . It costs 18.00...
It came and the paper work that comes with it is impressive.
I thought it was a flag flown at Wisconsin's state capitol. But according to the paper work, this flag was flown over the capito in Washington DC.. I think this is so cool.. I am going to give it to him for Christmas:) It sure is something that he won't get from someone

Not too much else is new..Last week was busy with lots of work..I'm hoping that this week is not as hectic. 

I'm not a happy camper with the football schedule for tomorrow. Ugh..the Packers don't play until 7:20pm..THAT sucks..I like a noon game..Once in a while I like to go meet friends for at least part of the game..That will not happen with the game being so late.  
I'll probably watch my Sunday shows and check in to see how they're doing..

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week-end:) 

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's bright and sunny out...for
Starting this evening, we are expecting rain and strong winds. Not looking forward to that type of weather..

I thought about having some of the grandkids over this week-end, but I have opted to not do that and get some things done around the house instead..
I had Cameron last week-end and I seem to do better when I have a break in

I have helped my girlfriend with some data entry this week and today she came by to give me my gift cards..(she pays me with gas station gift cards)..
$150.00..Not bad for 9 hours of work..It really made filling up my car a LOT

When I came home, I cleaned out my garage..It didn't need too much work..but there were a few things that I use for summer fun that needed to be taken out of there..
I put my small shovel in my trunk..(just in case I end up in too much snow)

One job done..

My job is going ok..My body is telling me that I won't be able to do this for too long..I sure ache when I first get out of
I'll hang in there for a bit and see how it goes..
 It still sucks that I don't have health insurance though..and that will weigh heavily on what I do.
My friend Larry is an engineer with a company about 30 minutes from where I live. He said that he could probably get me in there..I would be doing light assembly..AND after the probationary period I would have insurance.
Before I make a decision I need to be sure..My present boss will NOT be happy if I give my two week notice again and then want to come back to his company..I'm not even sure he would take me back again..which I it's kind of scary..
One of the problems though is that we are cleaning a school...And guess what happens when the kids have off???? WE DON'T WORK!! 
I don't know how I'm supposed to make it through that..A day here and there isn't bad. We don't have to work on the 26th because the kids have off...Then they have off for Christmas..ugh..That's going to be about a week of no pay..although I think we would be eligible for unemployment it isn't as much as I would make working..
This is to say nothing of summer..I certainly can't afford to be off for three months.. least I'm working and making something now:)

I'm going to try to get to my Halloween decorations this week-end..
I may not put out as much as I used to but I do enjoy decorating..
It's a chore to get to all of my plastic it will be worth it in the end:)

Well, guess that's it for news around very interesting but that's my

Have a great week-end:) 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Have been in such a state of confusion as to what to do next with my didn't think that would be the case at my age..
Almost every day I am upset with myself for not thinking of my future when I was younger..Not going to school and getting a degree so that I would have a career..foolish young me..
Now I tell every young girl that will listen that she needs to make sure she has an that she doesn't end up like

Financially it has been a rough road..especially with the new car payments...and of course the trip to San Diego didn't help..but how could I not go and watch my grandson graduate?

I have been getting about 5 hours a night working at the school. Not enough to live on for sure..I have also picked up whatever extra hours I can as a fill in..
On Monday, one of the other cleaners at the school decided to quit. I asked my boss if I could have his hours..3 extra hours a night.. He has now said that I can have them..YAY..I can make my 8 hours a night..and I won't have to worry about trying to pick up extra hours...
I had gone last week to a nearby hotel and they hired me to work on Saturday and Sunday..So much for being able to have the grandkids over..but I was doing what I needed to do to survive..
Now I won't have to do that..Thank goodness..

I am also going to go back to school to earn some type of certificate or degree..My daughter is going to go with me to help me through the process..It's a scary prospect but I know I won't be able to do the physical work that my present job entails...
I figure even if it takes me a year or two to get the degree, in the long run, I will still be ahead...

So things are looking up and I am Thankful to God for answering my prayers!!

The trip to San Diego was so awesome I can't even explain..
So, for right now, I will post a few pictures and come back at a later time and tell more about what we did:)

 That is MY grandson (with the red USMC flag) leading the platoons with his drill instructor
 JJ - Front right with the flag
 JJ - Front right
 He  had an AWESOME roll in this graduation:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

JJ looking right at camera..second Marine from left:)
Marine Collins...Far right..

I'm going to work and then heading to the air port at 4:00am...San Diego here we come:) Can't wait to see my handsome new Marine...

I'll post plenty of pictures when I get back..Have a great week:)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hollie, I have not been able to reply to your last 3 or 4 posts..Don't know what the problem is..I know those passwords can be tricky to figure out once in a while but I know I was able to get them right..Just didn't want you to think that I wasn't reading or commenting on your blog..

Now for the grandest news of all!! My grandson is now a MARINE!!
We haven't talked to him and won't until we go out to San Diego next week.But we are so excited..My daughter has had three different t-shirts made up for are so darned cute..

I'll post a few pictures..
The last 54 hours have been horrible knowing what these young men have had to endure to become Marines..I didn't sleep well last night at all. I kept dreaming about JJ trying to make his way up the hill known as the reaper..
They have only had 4 hours of sleep the last three nights..Only three meals..Meals ready to eat..
It's too much to go into but just know that these young men have EARNED the right to call themselves Marines:)

We were so pleased to see our boys in videos that an independent company makes two weeks prior to graduation..
JJ's platoon had three trophies sitting on the ground in front of them.
One of the ladies on a special site was so kind to take the time to make still pictures of our boys for each of us..

The picture of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor pin is what the guys receive after their walk back down from the reaper..
Oh how we wish we could have been there for their return..
Then they walk the seven (I think) miles back to Camp Pennington to a Warriors breakfast..all they can eat, steak, eggs and potatoes...

Lucy, when your grandson goes to boot camp let me know and I will get some information for you that is VERY informative for the families of the recruits..Your daughter might like the support that it helped us so much..

The picture of the proud grandma sign was made by one of the dads from that sight..His name is Mike and he did a wonderful job..

We will get to meet a lot of these parents on Wed..we have set up a meet and greet..Then Thursday we have family day with our new Marines and then Friday is graduation day...

I'm going to close for now as I'm exhausted from not

Hope you all have a nice week-end:)